Spa Repairs

There are many different brands and types of spa equipment. We have experience with all different types. We work on all brands and types of spas portable or inground. Some of the brands we work on the most include Hot Springs, Morgan, Sundance, Marquis, Jacuzzi, and many more. From Pumps, motors, heaters, filters, top side controls, lights, spa packs, plumbing and any and everything else we've got you covered. As one of the only spa and hot tub repair companies in the Waco area we pride ourselves in our expertise in spa repair.

Spa or Hot Tub Removal
Want to get rid of your old hot tub but dont know what to do with it. Let us help you with that. We will come and remove it from your property. We remove the hot tub itself, all equipment, disconnect electrical and anything else that is necessary to remove the spa and all its components.

Drain, Clean & Refill
Keep your hot tub healthy and working great by getting our Drain, Clean & Refill service. We will drain the spa using a sump pump, clean the inside surface of the spa, clean the spa cover, spray and clean the cartride filters and refill the spa with fresh water. Once the spa is full we will turn the spa on and add start up chemicals. We recommend that you drain your spa every 3 months depending on usage.

SPA Full Maintenance Service
Once Per Week, Bi-weekly or monthly.

The water chemistry and sanitizer levels are constantly changing in your spa. Our Spa Maintenance Service is important for maintaining a clean, healthy spa environment. Our services include: Vacuum interior of spa if necessary, Skim the water surface, Clean the water line from the spa walls, Remove and rinse the spa filters and exterior of the spa cover, Check and adjust the water chemistry, We will also periodically check your spa equiment and let you know if there are any problems.

Repair Service Calls. 

Many small problems can be solved through telephone consultation. However, when a service call is required, it will be scheduled for the next available appointment. We welcome the opportunity to provide estimates for any major repairs including new equipment, replumbing or adding additional jets, and many other services. Pool & Spa Services.offers dependable, professional service and experienced technicians.

We Repair

  • Spas

  • Pools

  • Hot Tubs

  • Whirlpool Baths

  • Fountains

  • Waterfalls
We Offer

  • Chemicals

  • Maintenance Products
        (spa vacs, leaf nets, etc.)

  • Replacement Cartridge Filters

  • Spa Covers

  • Parts

  • Accessories

* We Repair All Makes & Models
Hot Tub Covers

All of our hot tub covers are UL Approved and manufactured using only top quality materials, providing you a durable and lasting spa cover. Manufactured using marine grade vinyl and energy efficient polystyrene inserts. Inserts are heat sealed with a poly vapor moisture barrier to protect against water absorption. UV inhibitors in both the vinyl and thread prevent premature aging of your spa cover, which all add up to a superior product.  Our covers are available in any size, with over 1000 patterns available or custom made to fit any spa.


  • 4"-2" Tapered Foam Inserts

  • 1.0 Density Foam

  • R-14 Insulating Value

  • 50lb per side/100lb total weight capacity

  • Keyed locking straps

  • Built in Handles

  • Available in 15 colors

*  5 Year Manufacturers Warranty

  • 4"-2" Tapered Foam Inserts
  1.5 Density Foam

  • R-16 Insulating Value

  • 65lb per side/130lb total weight capacity

  • Keyed locking straps

  • Built in Handles

  • Available in 15 colors

*  5 Year Manufacturers Warranty

  • 4"-2" Tapered Foam Inserts      

  • 2.0 Density Foam

  • R-19 Insulating Value

  • 100lb per side/200lb total weight capacity

  • Keyed locking straps

  • Built in Handles

  • Available in 15 colors

     *  5 Year Manufacturers Warranty
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